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Reservation Rules & Guidelines

Before booking, please ensure you have read and understood

the following information. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


◆Reservation Guidelines◆

・In the event of a natural disaster or other unavoidable circumstances,

we may be forced to cancel your reservation.

・If you have not arrived within 15 minutes after the start

of your booking time, your reservation will be cancelled.

・No matter the circumstances, you will be charged a cancellation

fee if you cancel your booking within a few days of your reservation,

or if you are a no-show for your reservation.

・If you fail to give us notice of your cancellation and

do not show up for your reservation, you will not be able

to re-book with us and we will collect a cancellation fee.

・We may decline customer bookings at our own discretion.

・We do not allow ordering ahead of your reservation time.

・Please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate requests.

・We may not be able to respond to calls or email

before or after your reservation time has begun.

◆Entry Guidelines◆

・We do not allow children under the age of 10.

・Please use public transportation when you visit,

as we do not have a parking area for vehicles or bicycles.

(The storefront and surrounding area is a

bicycle no-parking zone. Please refrain from parking your bike here.)

・Our establishment is not barrier-free.

・Do not use the area in front of the surrounding apartments or businesses as a meeting spot.

・We ask that you refrain from loitering in the area

surrounding or in front of store entrances to smoke,

use your phone, take photos, or wait to

meet someone even for a short time as it is a public nuisance.

・Depending on the day, there may be a wait before you are seated.

・We are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

(If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday,

we will close the following two days instead.)

・Inside our building are exhibits featuring

horror elements and/or productions.

・As a precautionary measure to avoid potential trouble,

we do not handle inquiries or take reservations at the front desk.

・The moving of chairs, tables,

and exhibits is strictly prohibited.

◆Prohibited items◆

・No knives, explosives such as fireworks, or other dangerous goods

(this includes replica weapons)

・No drones or radio-controlled robot electronics

・No outside food or drink

・No pets, except for service animals such as guide-dogs

・No full-scale camera equipment (tripods, selfie-sticks, etc)

・No musical instruments or sound-emitting devices

・Masks covering the entire face such as rubber character masks are not permitted.

・Anything that may disturb other customers

◆General Guidelines◆

・We are a fully non-smoking establishment.

・A world of horror awaits within our walls,

including taxidermy displays, eerie exhibits and performances. 

・Many of the decorations are old and quite fragile.

We ask that you do not touch any of the decorations

to avoid injury and/or property damage.

・Please refrain from making phone calls inside the building.

・Please refrain from photographing items in a seating area other than your own.

・Seating will be decided by order of reservation.

We do not allow seat selection at this time.

・Commercial photography and/or photo shoots are not permitted.

・You are free to look around and take photos as long as you keep clear of other diners’

tables. Please ensure you 

adhere to social distance guidelines while exploring the building.

We ask that you keep conversations to a minimum and do not stay in one spot for too long.

・An additional room charge of ¥4000 will be collected for reservations of Cecilia’s Room.

・Cecilia’s Room is only available through advance reservation.

We do not accept in-person bookings.

・In order to prevent the possible spread of infectious diseases,

Cecilia’s Room is only accessible to the diners who have been seated there.

・Cecilia’s Room is located on the 2nd floor down a narrow hallway. We do not have an elevator.

・If you have made a group booking, we ask that you

refrain from moving around or standing by other seats to chat. 

・We do not allow renting-out of the premises for events at this time.

・Please refrain from the following:

flash photography, live-streaming, public transmissions,

filming/photographing for long periods of time,

intruding on the personal space of other patrons and/or blocking the stairs or hallways for photos.

◆Menu & Ordering◆

・Each customer must order at least one drink and

one food item off the menu. In the event that this rule is not adhered

to, you will be charged a separate fee of 4000¥ before tax.

・Ordering is done through a QR code you can access with your phone.

To prevent the possible spread of infectious diseases,

we do not provide physical menus at this time.

・Our food contains or comes into contact with dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts.

We now provide a special low-allergen dish that does not include any of the following 8 allergens: shrimp, crab, walnuts, flour, buckwheat, egg, dairy, and peanuts. 

Please be aware that we are not able to swap or remove ingredients from any of our other menu items. 

・Our menu does not contain any vegan or halal dishes.

・Please refrain from making food alteration requests that are due to personal food preferences. 

・In order to ensure that customers can enjoy their meals safely, we do not allow changes to be made to the contents of a dish due to allergies, dietary restrictions, or food preferences. Please refrain from making requests to remove ingredients from your meal.

◆Payment Information◆

・The bill is settled at your table and can be paid with cash,


AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, DISCOVER, or as a contactless payment.

※When paying with credit card, you will be charged the full amount in a one-time payment.

As an infectious disease countermeasure,

we do not allow separate bills within a group booking.

◆Other Prohibited Activities◆

・No displaying or selling of goods

・No soliciting/handing out flyers

・No commercial photography

・Tattoos should be covered,

and clothing should be appropriate for a public place

・No running inside the building

・No climbing or hanging off the decorative fence

・Any behavior that interferes with the running of our business is strictly forbidden.

・If your conduct is deemed to impede on our ability to do business,

or if you are bothering other patrons or staff, you may be asked to leave the premises.

We ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

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