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  • Q. How do I make a reservation?
    A. We accept reservations online via PC or smartphone.
  • Q. How long before my visit can I book?
    A. Reservations are available from 1 month before your desired booking date up until the day before. Reservations for dates more than 1 month ahead of time are not accepted.
  • Q. Do you accept same-day reservations?
    A. If seating is available, we accept same-day reservations for up until 15 minutes before the desired booking time.
  • Q. Is a credit card required to make a reservation?
    A. We currently require credit card information to make a reservation. Bookings cannot be processed without a credit card.
  • Q. The date I wanted to book was full. Is there a cancellation waitlist?
    A. We do not have a waitlist; however, if a customer cancels their booking, their slot may become available for you to book.
  • Q. Can I change the date or time of my reservation?
    A. Changes cannot be made after the booking has been completed. You must cancel your booking and start the booking process again. Please note that your desired reservation slot may not be available.
  • Q. How do I cancel my reservation?
    A. Reservations are handled through an external booking system (TableCheck Inc.). Please cancel your reservation by accessing the booking website. We do not accept cancellations directly by email, etc.
  • Q. Can I make make changes or cancel my reservation through means other than PC or smartphone?
    A. No, cancellations can only be processed online via the reservation website.
  • Q. How can I cancel my reservation past 15 minutes before the start time?
    A. Once it is past the 15 minutes before the start of your reservation slot, you cannot cancel or change your booking. We will cancel the booking and apply the cancellation fee. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information.
  • Q. Can someone other than me (the reservation-holder) enter on my booking?
    A. The booking must be attended by the reservation-holder and the number of guests specified at booking. Please enter once you have assembled your party.
  • Q. Can I enter before my reservation begins?
    A. No, we do not allow early entry.
  • Q. I think I’ll have trouble deciding on what to order; can I place an order at any time during my reservation?
    A. Some menu items cannot be ordered after 30 minutes has passed from the start of your reservation time. For other menu items, please order by the set time for “last order.”
  • Q. I want to reserve a table in a specific room, should I write that in the special request section of my booking?
    A. Regretfully, we do not allow pre-selection of seating.
  • Q. I cancelled my reservation through the booking website. My cancellation did not fall under the cancellation policy, so is it correct to assume I will not be charged a cancellation fee? After I completed the cancellation, the screen showed the fee deducted, so I wondered why I was charged.
    A. After you have cancelled a reservation, refunds are processed in line with our cancellation policy once the authorization hold expires. After the refund has been processed, it usually takes about 1-2 weeks for the processing details to be communicated to your credit card company or bank, after which your funds will be reimbursed to your account. ※ After completing the cancellation, we are unable to track the processing status of your refund. ※Inquiries to the card company must be made by the cardholder. Please see the help section of TableCheck Inc. for more details:
  • Q. Do you have a special menu for birthdays and other celebrations?
    A. For special occasions, celebrate with the “Hands of Time” cake! This cake must be ordered in advance at the time of booking. Please see the reservation page for details. ※ We cannot put personalized messages on any dishes other than the celebration cake.
  • Q. I reserved the celebration cake, how do I order it during my visit?
    A. At CHAMBER OF RAVEN, customers place orders from the menu with their smartphones. Select the “Hands of Time” cake from the menu and we will bring out your pre-ordered cake with the personalized message you requested at booking.
  • Q. I think I may have accidentally deleted my booking confirmation email. I’d like to check and confirm my reservation.
    A. As reservations are handled through an external booking website (TableCheck Inc.), we are unable to confirm the existence of your booking. If you have questions regarding your reservation, we encourage you to visit the TableCheck Inc. website for more information.
  • Q. How are refunds handled when making a reservation using a pre-paid credit card?
    A. Please visit the TableCheck Inc. site for more details regarding the usage of pre-paid credit cards:
  • Q. Upon booking using a pre-paid credit card (debit card), the cancellation fee was withdrawn from my bank account. According to the booking website, this is an automatic withdrawal to be applied for no-shows/cancellations that fall under the cancellation policy. How do I get reimbursed?
    A. In accordance with the workings of the external booking website (TableCheck Inc.) when booking with a pre-paid or debit card the cancellation fee is automatically withdrawn. The cancellation fee will be reimbursed to your account after your visit. Please check the site for more details.
  • Q. I have a question regarding my reservation
    A. After reading and understanding our Reservation Rules & Guidelines, any queries can be sent to the email address displayed after completing your booking. ※We do not accept queries via phone, social media or DM. ※We do not handle cancellations via email. (It may take several days for us to reply to your email. Depending on the content of the email we may not respond. We ask for your understanding).
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